Marc & Vincent

These two met a few decades ago, off the bike, during their medical studies.
Yes, they share a passion for anything that revolves around bikes but they are both pediatricians and drive a California T6 all covered in SUCH stickers.
They have more in common but it is a well kept secret…unless you decide to buy these two a few beers and they might start chatting.

Marc likes to hop on his bike and venture out on the road, whether it is asphalt or gravel, he will always be in for the challenge…and with a smile from A to Z! He is the computer wiz and the ‘Swissgerman’ speaker of the two.
Marc lives a few kilometers away from Geneva, in Vaud.

Vincent has taken part in several ultracycling events before deciding to organize them. He is the co-founder of a sport shop in Jura, where he lives and works…occasionally.
Do you need a good gravel bike? Flick him an email he is the official Swiss reseller of 3T bikes.


So it is no suprise that these two embark on this project. They were originally three, but parted away to follow a different path and philosophy. SUCH is born in 2020 and we wish it long life!