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start from a train station anywhere in Switzerland

A feature everyone liked in the first 2 editions is the possibility to choose where you want to depart from.

All you have to do is decide for a train station anywhere in Switzerland and turn on your GPS device at 10:10am on September 7th 2022

This year, before you start your long journey, you will have to punch the first line of your “SUCH-travelcard” 😉

And don’t forget the traditional picture of you and your bike, ideally  showing the train station’s clock and hit the road!

Your Ride

Only a non-assisted bike propelled by your own legs is allowed. Pairs are allowed to draft, others, unfortunately, will have to be very aero. The entire route has to remain within Switzerland, no border crossing allowed.

Your Route

It is entirely up to you as to which starting point you opt for and how you define the best route. Some are better at climbing, others faster on flat roads. As long as you ride through each of the 26 cantons, reach all the listed Checkpoints to validate you SUCH-travelcard and finish before noon on September 11th, 2022 in Bern you will be fine.




Yes, it means no outside assistance, no sleeping at home or at friend's houses and being able to deal with your mechanical issues as well as looking after yourself.





This year, in order to spice things up and make sure no one could copy last year’s fastest route, we decided on some special checkpoints (CPs). 

These CPs have been chosen carefully and each of them, providing you reach them during a set time frame, will give you a kick, a boost or save your tired legs some precious miles...
So, when planning your route, keep in mind the ticking clock and plan your visit to our mandatory checkpoints wisely (in any order) and always with your bike. Who knows you might the fastest to roll into Bern!



race manual

Here will be our  Race Manual (and Rider’s agreement) with all the rules and details…
later this year… 😉

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