For this Edition, in order to let you discover some hidden places, we’ve chosen 6 Checkpoints next to a famous Swiss public transport. 

It is of course compulsory (in addition to crossing the 26 cantons) to punch your SUCH-travelcard at these 6 CP.

At each location, you will find a sign (A4 format) with our logo and a punch attached to it. 

If you get to the CP during the opening hours of the public transport in question, you will be able to use the ticket valid for the specific journey (described in our Race Manual). Yes, you read correctly…you will be allowed to choose a maximum of 2 transportation out of the 6 available. Why, because we thought it would give you time to chill, eat and enjoy the scenery…but you still need to visit the 6 CPs… 😉

More details in the Race Manual and our CP Booklet (links below)

1. Sanetsch Pass & Seilbahn Sanetsch VS
(46.363128, 7.295103)

Gondola to go down to Gsteig is the transportation (not to go up…)

2. Beckenried Auto-fähre NW
(46.971829, 8.459616)

Ferry to cross the lake to Gersau is allowed.

3. Gersau Auto-fähre SZ
(46.992008, 8.502911)

Ferry to cross the lake to Beckenried is allowed.

4. Göschenen Gotthardbahn UR
(46.666008, 8.588097)

Train from Göschenen UR to Airolo TI (only this way is allowed).

5. Mont-Soleil Funiculaire St Imier BE
(47.158819, 6.993911)

Funi from St-Imier to the top is allowed but here there is a “mandatory parcours” : St. Imier to Mont Soleil (either by bike or cable car…)

6. Lenzerheide top station Tgantieni GR
(46.7212290, 9.5310900)

Chairlift from Lenzerheide to the top of Tgantieni is allowed.