Explore Swiss gems...

We stay true to our initial concept. 

The challenge remains to ride your bike through all the different ‘Cantons’ as quickly as possible. But, like last year, we have decided to send you discover some Swiss iconic places! There will be some mandatory checkpoints. There, you will have to punch your “SUCH Travelcard”….and maybe get a little “boost” …

The order won’t matter and will be decided based on your route planning, your legs and possibly some timetable…. 

Like the other editions, the Challenge will be to ride as quick as you can through Switzerland.


Ride through all of the 26 Cantons, ride fast but do not forget to punch your “SUCH travelcard” at our 6 CPs.

As for the previous editions, we will hold a nice big Brunch on the Bundesplatz with some Swiss specialities on Sunday the 11th!

Make sure to bring your good spirit and your appetite to the finish line then!