This year we’d like to be more active with the Race for Life event, which takes place every year on the same day as our finisher brunch.

In fact, it’s thanks to this charity event (and their kind organisers) that we’re able to hold our traditional brunch ON the Bundesplatz.

So it’s only natural, and this year we’re proud, to be able to put together a team to cycle and raise money for this organisation.

To do this, we need your help!

Here are the different ways you can help:

Ride for it!

Hop on your bike (or one of ours) and complete as many laps as you want or feel it.
You pay as much as you like or find kind donors to sponsor you for your laps...

Please sign up on their website and in our "SUCH-Ultracyclist for Life" team (you can use a Coupon-Code: 004-RFL-SUCH-23 )

You feel too tired?

Ask one of your mates or an "ultra cyclist for life" to do it for you.

All you have to do is to go on this website and sponsor us:

The Ultra Cyclist tee-shirt

Whether you feel like riding or not, you can buy our Ultra Cyclist for Life tee-shirt.

All the profit will go directly to the charity event.

We will sell them on our Finisher brunch, Sunday Sept 10.

You want to book your tee-shii? Send us an email with your size (S - M - L - XL ) to

Pre-order it before August 05, to make sure you get one! (limited edition)

(Price should be less than 50.-CHF)

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