Sept 11-15 2024

This year, we will hold our 5th edition of the SUCH!
So get ready!
This challenge will be WET, ARTISTIC, COMPLEX and above all FUN! 

it will be a nice mixture between WATER and SWISS HISTORY…


Explore the Swiss confines... and bring some SUCH Holy Water to the Bundesplatz!

We stay true to our original concept.

The challenge remains to ride your bike through all the different ‘Cantons’ as quickly as possible.

But this year, we have decided to honour our  national history and our ancestors!
The 26 cantons will be grouped according to the year they joined the Confederation.
To spare you from looking in a book and kill the suspense, it resulted in a total of 8 groups !

You have to ride through all the cantons within those groups, but there is a twist, a major one…:
You have the option  of avoiding one canton per group.
We named the “Joker Canton” (cf.  our “
Jubilee Historic Rules”) but beware, you CANNOT set a wheel inside the canton you wish to avoid (aka “Joker Canton”).
It has to be completely bypassed.

Yes, you get it, the ‘joker canton’  may not be the quickest option…

There will therefore be 26 Checkpoints this year from which you will have to bring back a drop of Swiss Holy Water, as tribute to our lakes, our rivers and  …your sweat!

The order does not matter and will be decided based on your route , your legs ….

And of course, you need to end up on the Bundesplatz in Berne…

How it works?

– Departure from any Swiss railway station, Wednesday 11 Sept. 10:10 am

– Free route, still unsupported, that’s the spirit!

– Take a sample of  SUCH Holy Water with you on the SUCH Brevetcard from all the Checkpoints of the Cantons you visit according to our “Jubilee Historic Rules”.

– Finish line is set at the Bundesplatz in Bern before   Sunday 15th September noon…as the brunch will open at that time !

THAT’S IT, easy-peasy no?