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April 05 2021:

Happy Easter!!! 
Our Registration is open and about to be full… hurry up otherwise you will be on the waiting list…. 😉

April 06 2021:

Waiting list open…

June 5 2021:

Race Manual v.1 online and sent to the participants.

June 6 2021:

Who is in? online

August 13 2021:

We have the pleasure to announce a partnership with FollowMyChallenge. Their system is simple, reliable and more so, very light.
Prepare your friends, fan & relatives to follow your Dot! 

And this year, you could even see how many Cantons are already validated…
Isn’t it  exciiiiting…. 🤩

August 20 2021:

Trackers received, stickers printed, cap customised, starter kit in progress, some (abroad) already shipped …. 
FollowMyChallenge is working hard with Harris to built an amazing and responsive live map designed to improve your  “Cantons Quest” dotwaching. 🥳😜.
Thanks a lot to everybody helping us to make it happens (Yan, Raymond, Harris, Tedde, Xavier, Thaïs, Timo, Thomas and all the others that we forgot)

September 03 2021:

In less than 5 days, more than 100 cyclists (64 SOLO, 20 PAIRS) will be riding across Switzerland, each following their own itinerary with only one thing in common:
-starting at the same time (wednesday 8th september 10:10am)  but free to choose their Start
-crossing the 26 cantons riding self-supported
-checking at 7 checkpoints representing some Swiss culinary specialties.
-finishing on the Bundesplatz in Bern

So be ready to dotwach them … the live map will soon be online on our website, in the meantime we wish them a good end of preparation … and see you in Bern!

September 4 2021:

LIVEMAP is online  …  🤩

September 12 2021:

Thank you all for participating, encouraging, dotwatching helping us for this incredible 2021 edition. You have been wonderful!

We have put some pictures on our website.

We will communicate details concerning the 3rd edition of the SUCH, in the 1st quarter of 2022….

But don’t worry, these next few months will be used to concoct a new 2022 edition that will be worthy of the two previous ones, combining originality and discoveries of Switzerland while maintaining our basic rules recurrent in each of our editions.

Enjoy your recovery…

With love,

Marc & Vincent (as exhausted  as you…. but in a good way 🙂  )